We invite researchers, academics, and practitioners to submit manuscripts to the International Journal Administration, Business & Organization (IJABO), ISSN: 2721-5652 (Online).

 IJABO is an international, peer-reviewed, and published high-quality manuscript (full-length research article, review article, and case study) of some disciplines from administration, business, and organization, but it is not limited to other related management fields. All publications in the IJABO are open-access and available online. 

Every article received is equipped with a DOI activated (Digital Object Identifier) and indexed on Google Scholar, Dimension, Crossref, Copernicus, Onesearch, and Garuda, as well as the ongoing process of national journal accreditation (ARJUNA).  

Acceptance of manuscripts has started from now. We are waiting for your best manuscript for quality publication.  Please click here to submit online.

To continue to improve the quality of IJABO, we invite potential researchers, academics, and practitioners who have time and want to join the IJABO as an EDITOR or a REVIEWER to learn together to manage the IJABO for the better. 

We offer several benefits for our Editors and Reviewers:
a) Receiving SK (decree) as Editor or Reviewer of IJABO.
b) Receiving a Certificate of Reviewer Recognition for each article reviewed.
c) The editor's or Reviewer's name will be listed on the journal's webpage.

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Prof. Dr. Harmon Chaniago