Call for Paper Vol. 5, No. 1, April 2024


We invite researchers, academics and practitioners to submit research manuscripts to the International Journal of Administration Business and Organization (IJABO)ISSN : 2721-5652 (Online). IJABO is a blind peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the publication of quality research results in the field of Business Administration and Organizations but is not implicitly limited. All publications on IJABO are open access which allows articles to be freely available online. Please click here to submit online.

Manuscript acceptance starts now. We are waiting for your best manuscript for quality publication. Every article received is equipped with a DOI (Digital Object Identifier).

In order to continue to improve the quality of IJABO, we invite potential researchers, academics and practitioners who have the time and want to join as REVIEWERS or EDITORS, to learn together to manage the journal better. Click here to join, thank you.

Harmon Chaniago
Editor in Chief

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Journal Identity
Title : International Journal Administration, Business & Organization
Initial : IJABO
Issue Frequency : 3 issues per year
E-ISSN : 2721-5652
Editor in Chief : Prof. Dr. Harmon Chaniago, M.Si
Managing Editor : Dr. Yen Efawati, S.E., M.M
Publisher : Asosiasi Ahli Administrasi Indonesia